Undergraduate Programs

BSc Specialization

Specialized training in one field of study

Specialization degrees provide a more focused education in one area of study. You will take most of your courses in one main subject area, and are expected to maintain a higher standard of academic achievement than those in the General program. 

Specialization degrees can provide the background to help you proceed to a higher degree, but its primary function is to provide a comprehensive education at the undergraduate level.

Specialization degrees are available in the following 8 areas:

1. Biological Sciences
- Animal Biology                 - Molecular Genetics          
- Ecology                            - Physiology and Developmental Biology
- Evolutionary Biology         - Plant Biology                          
- Microbiology                   

2. Chemistry
- Chemistry

3. Computing Sciences

- Computing Science
- Computing Science Specialization in Software Practice 

4. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

- Atmospheric Sciences                    - Paleontology
- Environmental Earth Sciences         - Planning 
- Geology

5. Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
- Computational Science                     - Mathematics and Finance
- Mathematics                                   - Statistics
- Mathematics and Economics 

6. Physics
- Astrophysics
- Geophysics
- Physics

7. Psychology

8. Science and Medicine
- Biochemistry                                    - Immunology and Infection
- Cell Biology                                      - Pharmacology