Entrance Students

A few things to know…

The Credit System

When building your timetable you first have to find your program outline and determine which courses to take. Each Science degree has a list of required courses and options that you must complete.

University courses are assigned credit hours which are denoted with a star (*).

  • Half year courses are *3 and run from September - December or January - April
  • Full year courses are *6 and run from September - April
  • Science degrees consists of *120 (you will need to take a total of 40 courses) 


The school year is made up of 4 terms; 2 main terms and 2 compressed terms

  • Fall term runs from September - December
  • Winter term runs form January - April
  • Spring term runs from May - June
  • Summer term runs from July - August 

Duration of degree

Science degrees are designed to be completed in 4 years, most can be done over a longer period of time.

  • To graduate in 4 years you will take *30 per year (5 courses in both the fall/winter terms)
  • Full-time course load can range from 3-5 courses per term
  • Part-time course load can range from 1-2 courses per term

Select your program:

BSc General          BSc Specialization          BSc Honors            BSc/BEd

Don't know what program you have been admitted into? 

On your BearTracks home page, scroll down to the "Admissions" heading and click on "Application Status" to see which program you have received Early Admission for.

  • BSc General degree: A flexible Degree Program with a Major/Minor or Double Major.
  • BSc Specialization degree: Focused on one scientific discipline with the goal to become a specialist.
  • BSc Honors degree: Specialized learning in one scientific discipline with a strong research focus and a thesis component.
  • BSc/BEd Combined degree: Complete two degrees (Science and Education) in five years (*150).