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Undergraduate application procedures

Applying through CALDO

Contact: CALDO Coordinator,

Students applying through CALDO must follow their procedures. 
Visit for eligibility requirements & further details.

Students in the 3rd and 4th year of their Brazilian undergraduate program are eligible to apply for a CAPES/CNPq scholarship to pursue a unique undergraduate placement at a CALDO university for up to 12 months

1. All applicants must meet the CALDO eligibility requirements

2. Apply for the scholarship online (in the CALDO section) at

* CAPES/CNPq will pre-select qualified applicants and notify CALDO who will then instruct students to complete the pre-admission form.

3. Selected students must complete the CALDO undergraduate pre-admission application form

4. Scan and upload required documents as part of your application.  See the CALDO undergraduate application procedures for the list of required documents.

5. Pre-admission forms and documents will be reviewed by a panel from CALDO and each candidate’s qualifications and admissibility will be assessed.

6. CALDO will match you to the CALDO institution that best suits your program and language interests.

7. Qualified students will be notified via email and advised to submit an official application for admission to a specified CALDO university.

8. You will need to complete the formal application procedure to the indicated CALDO University and have all their completed (original) documents sent to the University by courier before the CALDO deadline.

9. Final admissions letters will then be sent to successful applicants