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Department: Biological Sciences

Potential Supervisor Field of Expertise   

Research Projects

Ted Allison Zebrafish model system to study neurodegeneration, regeneration, and their evolution

Project 1:
Zebrafish models of Alzheimer and prion disease 

Project 2: 
Functional regeneration of retinal photoreceptors from stem cells
Project 3:
Evolution of the eye in basal vertebrates at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre 
Erin Bayne Cumulative ecological impacts of human activities on biodiversity Project 1:
Continental Scale Modelling of Avian Communities in the Boreal Forest of North America
Project 2: 
Predicting the Future of Alberta’s Biodiversity: Understanding the Relative Importance of Land-use and Climate Change
Project 3: 
Extreme Weather and the Future of Endangered Raptors in the Canadian Prairie 
Miodrag (Mike) Belosevic Molecular immunology, Development of immune cells, Microbiology and Parasitology  Project 1:
Comparative biology of the antimicrobial responses of macrophages and neutrophils
Project 2: 
Molecular biology and immunotoxicology of environmental chemical pollutants 
Project 3: 
Innate immune responses of fish against mycobacteria and protozoan parasites
Mark Boyce Wildlife Ecology  Project 1:
Moose-vehicle collisions in Alberta (GIS/spatial modelling) 
Project 2: 
Factors influencing growth of bighorn sheep in Alberta (GIS/spatial analysis) 
Project 3: 
Population genetics of bighorn sheep (mathematical modelling) 
Janice Cooke Forest Tree Genomics Project 1:
Genomic analysis of bud formation in white spruce  
Project 2:
Genomic analysis of pine defenses against mountain pine beetle
Jon Dennis Microbiology Project 1:
Bacteriophage isolation and genomic characterization 
Project 2: 
Burkholderia antibiotic resistance
Project 3: 
Bacterial mechanisms of pathogenesis
Mike Deyholos Plant genetics and genomics  Project 1:
Discovery and characterization of novel biocatalysts in plant genomes
Project 2: 
Engineering plant cell wall structure and composition
Project 3: 
Chemical biology of plant metabolism and development  
Maya Evenden  Insect Chemical Ecology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Integrated Pest Management   Project 1:
Oviposition preference and larval performance of cutworm moths on different plant hosts 
Mario Feldman Microbiology and Glycobiology  Project 1:
Protein glycosylation in bacterial pathogens
Project 2: 
Mechanism of Pathogenesis of the multidrug resistant bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii 
Project 3: 
Applications of protein glycosylation and outer membrane vesicles in vaccine design 
Warren Gallin Molecular Neurobiology  Project 1:
Mechanisms of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Protein Activation: Bioinformatic, Computational and Experimental Approaches 
Greg Goss            Nanotoxicology, metal toxicology, fish physiology, pollutant biology   Project 1:
Evaluation of new technologies for reducing impact of municipal wastewater on fishes
Project 2: 
Fish gill physiology for living in the dilute acid waters of the Amazon
Kirst King-Jones  Transcriptional control of metabolic pathways  Project 1:
Signaling pathways controlling steroid hormone regulation in Drosophila 
Katherine Magor Molecular Biology, Virology and Immunology  Project 1:
Host-pathogen interactions for influenza and ducks.
Project 2: 
Antiviral responses to influenza in the natural host  
Project 3: 
NS1 interference with avian RIG-I 
Debbie McKenzie Prion biology, Muscle biology   Project 1:
Chronic Wasting Disease and other Prion Strains
Project 2: 
Role of Mitochondrial DNA Deletions on Muscle Aging 
Alison Murray and Mark Wilson   Vertebrate Palaeontology - fishes Project 1:
Cretaceous marine fishes from the Western Interior Seaway and the Tethys Sea: Palaeoenvironments and Palaeobiogeography
George Owttrim  Molecular, genetic and physiological analysis of RNA secondary structure control of cellular response to environmental change.  Project 1:
RNA helicase involvement in small RNA metabolism 
Enrico Scarpella  Plant Developmental Biology  Project 1:
Control of leaf vein patterning by auxin transport
Project 2:
Regulation of leaf vein patterning by auxin signal transduction 
Project 3:
Transcriptional control of leaf vein patterning  
Felix Sperling  Bioinformatics and genomics  Project 1:
Landscape genomics of spruce budworm forest pests in Alberta 
Gregory Taylor  Plant Physiology and Functional Genomics   Project 1:
Biofortification of cereal crops to improve human nutrition: targeting P1B-type ATPases to enhance micronutrient transport to grain. 

Gane Ka-Shu Wong (Biological Sciences) &
Andrew Mason (Medicine)

Genomics, Bioinformatics, Virology Project 1:
Viral discovery by high throughput sequencing

Department: Chemistry

Potential Supervisor  Field of Expertise   Research Projects
Robert E. Campbell Protein engineering for the development of tools for biotechnological applications. The specific focus is on the development of new fluorescent protein-based indicators for diagnostic and fluorescence imaging applications. These tools provide researchers with the ability to perform minimally invasive imaging of biochemical events occurring in live cells, tissues, or organisms. Project 1:
(Start date – April 1, 2013):
Directed evolution of genetically encoded indicators for optogenetic applications. 
Derrick Clive  Synthesis of complex natural products with important medical properties and the development of new reactions and reagents.  Project 1:
Synthesis of the powerful antitumor antibiotic MPC1001.
James Harynuk   Analytical chemistry, GC x GC and chemometrics.  Project 1:
Development GC x GC technologies. 
Todd Lowary  Organic synthesis   Project 1:
Synthesis of glycosylphosophlipid substrates for probing microbial glycosyltransferases. 
Arthur Mar    Inorganic solid state chemistry   Project 1:
"Design of Rare-Earth Intermetallics as New Superconducting and Magnetic Materials"   
Mike Serpe  Photonic materials, sensing and biosensing, point-of-care diagnostics, responsive polymers and materials, drug delivery, polymer-based surface coatings, water remediation, nanoparticle/microparticle assembly, color switchable devices.  Project 1:
Biomolecule sensing using color tunable materials.  
Project 2:
Asymmetric nanoparticle functionalization to direct particle assembly into novel photonic materials. 
Project 3:
Polymer-based systems for removing small molecule and heavy metal contaminants from water.  
Fred G. West  Synthetic methodology, natural product synthesis, molecular imaging.  Project 1:
Synthesis of taxane natural products and simplified analogues.
Project 2: 
Nitrogen heterocycles via new metallocarbene chemistry.
Project 3: 
In vivo tumor visualization via hexose-targeted fluorophores and quantum dots.

Jillian Buriak 

Chemistry and National Institute for Nanotechnology 

Synthesis and scale-up of organic- and hybrid nanoparticle/organic photovoltaics (OPVs; 'plastic' solar cells). Interfacial modification and spray coating of OPVs. 

Project 1:
Synthesis and characterization of inorganic semiconductor nanoparticles for use in organic photovoltaics.   

Project 2: 
Spray coating of organic photovoltaics for mass-manufacture.
Mark T. McDermott 

Chemistry and National Institute for Nanotechnology  
Analytical chemistry, nanoscience, biosensors, nanoparticles, plasmonics, scanning probe microscopy, Raman spectroscopy. Project 1:
Development of metal nanoparticle labels for metabolomic sensing. 
Project 2: 
Applications of nanocrystalline cellulose films. 

Nils Petersen 

Chemistry and National Institute for Nanotechnology

Cell Membrane Biophysical Chemistry; Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy; Imaging and Image Analysis; Nanoparticle Interactions with Cells; Lung Surfactants  Project 1:
Chemical Imaging of Metabolites in Tissues (Mass Spectrometry Imaging)
Project 2
Interaction of NanoCrystalline Cellulose with Epithelial Cells (Confocal Microscopy Imaging) 

Department: Computing Science

Potential Supervisor

Field of Expertise 

Researh Projects

Anup Basu     Computer Vision Project 1:
Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction
Irene Cheng Computer Graphics & Vision  Project 1:
Real-time Animation using Kinect
Ehab Elmallah Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks, Network Modelling
and Performance Evaluation, Network Reliability Analysis, Resource Management in
Wireless Networks 
Project 1:
Assessment of wireless sensor network reliability for mobile object detection  
Project 2
Research sharing algorithms for wireless sensor networks 
Russ Greiner Machine Learning / Bioinformatics Project 1:
Using Reinforcement Learning to Improve Diabetes Management 
Project 2:  
Coping with High Dimensional Bioinformatic Data
Project 3:
Dealing with Covariate Shift (esp for Medical Datasets) 
Project 4: 
Using fMRI data to making Medical Predictions
Project 5: 
Using Data to Improving Cellular Signalling Pathways 
Abram Hindle Mining Software Repositories, Software Evolution, Software Engineering, Software Power Consumption  Project 1:
Green Mining: Relating Performance and Power Consumption in the cloud 
Robert C. Holte heuristic search, planning, artificial intelligence  Project 1:
Extending heuristic search/planning methods to handle operator costs 
Project 2
Efficient data structures for heuristic search/planning
Project 3: 
Using machine learning to learn heuristics for heuristic search 
Project 4: 
Automatic creation of type systems for suboptimal search and/or solution-cost prediction

Mario Nascimento

Spatio-temporal Data Management, Wireless Sensor Networks Project 1:
Online Trajectory Data Management 
Project 2: 
Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks 
Ioanis Nikolaidis Wireless sensor networks, network protocols, simulation and performance analysis Project 1:
Assessing the potential of perpetual in-building wireless sensor
networks through energy harvesting 
Project 2: 
Combining network coding and duty cycling in wireless sensor networks 
Joerg Sander  Clustering, Data Mining, Spatial Data  Project 1:
Semi-supervised and projected clustering 
Project 2:
Spatial and spatio-temporal co-location mining
Project 3: 
Motif and outlier discovery in multivariate sequence data
Dale Schuurmans  Machine Learning  Project 1:
Learning minimum entropy separators 
Project 2:
Topological embedding 
Project 3:
Convex sparse coding
Project 4:
Tractable models for dynamical system estimation
Project 5:
Global training of auto-encoders and two-layer neural networks 
Project 6: Latent structure learning for natural language processing
Eleni Stroulia  Software Engineering  Project 1:
Software Engineering for Cloud-based Applications 
Project 2:
Ambient Sensing for Smart Homes 
Project 3:
Model-Driven Software Engineering 
Project 4: 
Collaborative tools
Csaba Szepesvari  Machine learning  Project 1:
Statistical learning theory 
Project 2: 
Reinforcement learning 
Project 3: 
Online learning 
Jia You     Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Constraints  Project 1:
Reasoning with Ontologies and Rules  
Project 2: 
Abduction in Logic Programming 

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Potential Supervisor  Field of Expertise   Research Projects
Thomas Chacko Precambrian Geology, Petrology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Geochronology, Crustal evolution  Project 1:
Experimental determination of oxygen isotope fractionation factors for baddeleyite 
Project 2: 
Petrological and geochronological study of lower crustal xenoliths from the Fort a la Corne kimberlites, Saskatchewan 
Project 3: 
Geochemical and geochronological study of Paleoproterozoic (2.30-2.50 Ga) mafic igneous rocks from the Queen Maud Block, Arctic, Canada 
Robert Creaser  Radiogenic isotope geochemistry and geochronology  Project 1:
Re-Os geochronology of metallic ore deposits 
Murray Gingras  Sedimentology, Ichnology, Petroleum Geology  Project 1:
Sedimentologic characterization of tidally influenced sedimentary deposits for application to important hydrocarbon reservoirs. 
Project 2: 
The geology of Miocene strata in Brazil: Paleogeographic and Resource significance. 
Project 3: 
Analysis of trace fossils in Ediacaran strata of South America and North America. 
Larry Heaman Geochemistry/Isotope Geology/Geochronology  Project 1:
U-Pb Age Constraints on the Timing of Parana Flood Basalt Province, Brazil (a pdf candidate from the Sao Paulo is lined up for this study) 
Christopher Herd     Geosciences, Planetary Geology, Meteoritics  Project 1:
Mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of iron meteorites from Brazil and Canada 
Project 2: 
Surface sorption of hydrocarbons on mineral surfaces with applications to primitive organic-rich meteorites
Brian Jones Carbonate sedimentology and petrology Project 1:
Wide range of projects related to carbonate sedimentology, diagenesis, stratigraphy, paleontology, paleoecology etc. 
Kurt Konhauser  Geobiology and Geochemistry  Project 1:
I would be interested in a Postdoc to work on some Brazilian banded iron formations from either the Neoarchean (Carajas) and Neoproterozoic (Urucum). Both iron formations would be studied for their chemical and mineralogical compositions with the view of using these chemical precipitates as proxies for ancient seawater. Specifically, Carajas for the first evidence for seawater oxygenation, and Urucum for evidence of mantle plume activity during the Snowball earth glaciations. 
Paul Myers Oceanography, Atmospheric/Climate Sciences, Physics, Applied Math or Numerical Modelling   Project 1:
Exchange processes in high resolution eddy-permitting ocean/sea-ice general circulation models 
Project 2: 
Evolution of Arctic-North Atlantic freshwater exchange, and impact on the large scale ocean circulation
Benoit Rivard Geological Remote Sensing, Spectral Imaging  Project 1:
Development of spectral imaging analysis tools towards the automation of rock core characterization (e.g. mineral detection) using a world class rock core spectral imaging facility (0.4-2.5, 7-12 um). 
Project 2: 
Rock core spectral characterization of alteration or mineralogy associated with specific mineral deposit types using a world class rock core spectral imaging facility (0.4-2.5, 7-12 um). 
Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa  Remote Sensing, Tropical Dry Forests

Project 1:
Integration of wireless sensor network, lidar and hyperspectral observation to characterize light pulses in tropical rain forests.

Project 2: 
Data mining and eco-informatics: analysis of hyper-temporal Photosynthetic Active Radiation over short time periods.  
Project 3:
Stream analytics: Integrating remote sensing, carbon fluxes and wireless sensor networks on real time scenarios
Martin Sharp  Glaciology, Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing of Ice Caps and Ice Sheets, Regional Climate and Mass Balance Modelling  Project 1:
Simulating the climatic mass balance of Canada's Arctic Ice Caps, 1948-2012
Project 2: 
Snow accumulation patterns on Canada's Arctic ice Caps using data from NASA's airborne snow accumulation radar.
Project 3:
Surface melt history of Arctic ice caps using ASCAT and multi-band satellite scatterometer data 
Richard Stern  Secondary ion mass spectrometry, isotope geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology  Project 1:
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (MC-SIMS) technology methods development and applications to geoscience and bioscience at the Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis 

Department: Mathematical and Statistical Sciences 

Potential Supervisor  Field of Expertise  Research Projects
Charles F. Doran  Algebraic Geometry, Mathematical Physics  

Project 1:
Modular forms and Fano manifolds 

Project 2:
Iterative construction of Calabi-Yau manifolds 
Project 1:
Adinkras: Graphs, Codes, and Supersymmetry 
Stefan Gille  Algebraic Geometry, Motives, quadratic forms  Project 1:
Motives of surfaces (in particular Del Pezzo surfaces) 
Project 2: 
Rost nilpotence 
Project 3: 
Motives of projective homogeneous varieties 
Bin Han  Wavelett Analysis and Applications  Project 1:
Application of two-dimensional directional framelets in image denoising. The task is to design two-dimensional directional affine systems such as directional framelets and then develop algorithms for their applications in image processing, in particular, image denoising. 
Project 2: 
Investigation of multivariate subdivision schemes and apply them to computer graphics. The main task is to study the convergence of multivariate subdivision schemes in various function spaces such as Besov and Sobolev spaces, and then develop algorithms to apply them in computer graphics. 
Project 3:
Analysis of wavelets and framelets from the point of view of distributions. This project is of pure mathematics nature. We use tools from Fourier analysis and approximation theory to fully characterize various wavelets and framelets in a general function spaces. 
Thomas Hillen Mathematical Biology, Cancer Modelling   Project 1:
Using anisotropic diffusion to model brain tumor spread 
Project 2:
Mathematical modelling of late effects from radiation treatment
Project 3:
Dynamics of Tumor stem cells
Michael Kouritzin   Stochastic Processes and Applications  Project 1:
Particle Representations of Distribution-Valued Processes: The goal would be to establish existence, uniqueness, simulation algorithms and asymptotic properties of a variety of measure-valued process by mapping back to an infinite particle system. 
Project 2:
Combined State and Parameter Estimation: The first sub-problem here is to study the proper conditions under which the long time typical behavior of an approximate filter converges to the steady state solution of the optimal filter as the parameters in the approximate filter converge to the "real" ones
Project 3:
Forward-Backward Filtering Problems: Both working out the general equations and coming up with simulation algorithms. 
Jochen Kuttler Algebraic Transformation Groups Project 1:
Geometric properties of algebraic group actions 

Project 2:
Finite generation in infinite families of varieties with symmetries 

Michael Li   Dynamical systems, mathematical modeling of infectious diseases and immune responses to viral infections   Project 1:
Global dynamics of systems of differential equations on complex networks 
Project 2:
Mathematical modeling of immune responses to retro-viral infections (HIV, HTLV etc.) 
Project 3:
Using mathematical models for the assessment of public health data.  
Peter Minev    Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing  Project 1:
Fast parallel algorithms for flows on a sphere. 
George Tokarsky  Polygonal Billiards  Project 1:
Classification of periodic paths in triangles  
Project 2:
Illumination problems 
Hao Wang  Mathematical Biology and Differential Equations  Project 1:
Ecological stoichiometry - the study of the balance of energy and nutrient elements in an ecological system. 
Project 2:
Extraction of the time-dependent transmission rate from infection data via inverse math problems. 
Project 3:
Bacterial reproduction, competition, and decomposition of organic matter. 
Yau Shu Wong    Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing   Project 1:
Mathematical models and computational techniques in geophysics applications   
Project 2:
Developing image segmentation methods with applications in in geophysical problems
Vlad Yaskin  Convex Geometry, Geometric Functional Analysis  Project 1:
Uniqueness questions in Geometric Tomography 
Project 2:
Applications of Harmonic Analysis to Convex Geometry

Department: Physics  

Potential Supervisor  Field of Expertise   Research Projects
Kevin Beach Numerical quantum many-body physics, Monte Carlo methods, frustrated magnetism  Project 1:
Stabilizing spin-liquid and valence-bond-crystal ground states
Project 2:
Magnetic impurities in quantum Heisenberg models 
Claire Currie Geophysics, geodynamics  Project 1:
Numerical models of continental deformation associated with subduction (with application to the Central Andes and Laramide orogens)
Project 2:
Mantle dynamics of western North and South America: subduction, slab windows and plumes 
Project 3: Mechanisms for destabilization of continental cratons 
John Davis Nanomechanics & Low Temperature Physics  Project 1:
Engineering Superconductivity Using Nanoscale Granular Materials 
Project 2:
Nanomechanics for Environmental Sensors  
Darren Grant
Particle Astrophysics (neutrino properties, dark matter searches)
Project 1:
Indirect dark matter searches with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory 

Project 2:
Atmospheric neutrino oscillations and measurement of the neutrino mass hierarchy with IceCube-DeepCore and PINGU

Craig Heinke         Astrophysics, specifically X-ray binaries and neutron stars Project 1:
Optical/infrared studies of X-ray binaries, to understand accretion
Project 2:
X-ray observations of dense star clusters, to understand stellar interactions 
Project 3:
Observing neutron stars to understand their interior physics  
Natalia Ivanova Theoretical Astrophysics Project 1
Hydrodynamical aspect of common envelope evolution
Project 2:
Theoretical studies of formation and evolution of Low-mass X-ray binaries
Mauricio Saachi Signal Processing, Seismic Imaging, Multi-dimensional data reconstruction, Seismic Waveform Inversion  Project 1: 
Extending non-minimum phase deconvolution to the surface consistent case 
Project 2: 
Tensor completions methods via nuclear norm minimization for seismic noise attenuation, reconstruction and volume compression
Project 3: 
New insights in compressive sensing techniques for simultaneous seismic acquisition, processing and reconstruction
Robert Wolkow     Physics, Condensed Matter  Project 1: 
Experimental Nano-scale transport 

Department: Psychology

Potential Supervisor Field of Expertise  Research Projects 
Norman Brown  Cognition; Human Memory; Judgment & Decision-Making Project 1:
Autobiographical memory; Collective Memory; Basic memory
Project 2: 
Judgment and decision-making; real-world estimation
Clayton T Dickson  
Neurophysiology and behaviour (Offline sleep-related brain activity and memory consolidation).    Project 1:
Mechanisms of neural silencing during protein synthesis inhibition. 
Project 2:
Pre-translational interference of protein synthesis and influence on neural activity. 
Project 3:
Neural activity in a critical window post-training is the most essential component (over and above mechanisms of protein synthesis) of hippocampal memory consolidation. 
Christina Gagne  Psycholinguistics; conceptual combination; knowledge representation; concepts and categorization   Project 1:
Comprehending modifier-noun phrases and compound words. 
Project 2:
Property induction for combined concepts 
Weimin Mou Human spatial memory and navigation  Project 1:
Human spatial memory and navigation in Real and Virtual Environments
Kim Noels   Project 1:
Intercultural contact, communication, and acculturation; cultural change and mental and physical health
Project 2:
Social processes in second language learning
Anthony Singhall    
Cognitive Neuroscience 
Project 1: 
Neural correlates of the effects of emotional distraction on human performance

Project 2:
Neural circuitry of memory during action in Parkinson's disease

Tom Spalding  Cognition and Psycholinguistics; Concepts and Categorization; Semantic memory.  Project 1: 
Comprehending modifier-noun phrases and compound words.
Marcia Spetch  Cognitive decision making; Comparative Cognition; Navigation and spatial cognition 
Project 1: 
Neurobiology of risky decision making
Project 2: 
Navigation and spatial cognition in birds and humans 
Project 3: 
Psychological mechanisms of gambling behavior.  
Project 4:
Human and avian visual perception.  

Jeremy Caplan
Centre for Neuroscience

Human memory, computational modeling, behavioural and
cognitive neuroscience approaches.
Project 1:
Mathematical model mechanisms of memory for order
Project 2:
Oscillations and relational memory
Project 3:
Cognitive and electrophysiological mechanisms of associative
interference in memory  
Project 4:
Effects of reward value on relational memory