Interdisciplinary Studies

Study the Roots of Religion

Dr. Andrew Gow specialises in the interplay between religion and culture, especially as it relates to the apocalyptic and fantastical.

Engage with Faculty

Dr. Maureen Engel (left) and Aiden discuss concepts related to technology as it relates to teaching and research in the liberal arts.

Writing is at the heart of the Arts

Improve your writing through study, practice, and tutoring.

The Arts and Science of Computer Games

Explore the power of computer games to inform, educate, and entertain.

Enjoy a Unique Graduate Experience

Engage with peers from around the world, creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

Create Innovative Projects

John and Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell (right) explore new visualisations techniques for complex datasets.

Interdisciplinary Studies is a unit of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary and intersectoral learning and research. Our mission focuses on developing, guiding and sustaining:

  • vibrant and innovative undergraduate and graduate programmes
  • interdisciplinary and community research and learning initiatives
  • individuals, departments and other units developing interdisciplinary initiatives