Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2015 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
 Title of Research Project

Belcourt, Billy-Ray
Modern Languages & Cultural Studies

Chloë Taylor Carceral Canines and the Affective Politics of Settler Colonialism
Bontogon, Megan
Antti Arppe Benefits of Focus on Form vs Focus on Meaning for Computer Assisted Language Learning in the context of Canadian Indigenous Languages
Feehan, David
Michael Kennard Clowning in Short Film/Video
Holman, Elyse
Modern Languages &Cultural Studies
Sathya Rao A Queer in Translation: Developing a Queer Translation Theory and Praxis
Luong, Tony
Psychology/Women's & Gender Studies
Elena Nicoladis Healing through Vulnerability and Storytelling: A Feminist Model of Autobiographical Memory
McDermott, Jordan
Sandra Bucerius Edmonton's Somali Community: Muslim Women, Agency and Crime
Osgood, Laura 
English & Film Studies
Harvey Quamen The Life Cycle of Canadian Literature: A Case Study of Wilfred and Sheila Watson
Parish, Connell
Political Science
Steve Patten The Politics of Tough on Crime Legislation
Paterok, Michelle
Art & Design
Allen Ball Reflections on Spatial Organizations in Israel/Palestine
Peychoff, Vlady
Jan Selman Popular Theatre: Navigating the Interdisciplinary Validation of Lost Oral Traditions in Kenyhan and Canadian Landscapes
Rybak, David
Economics/Political Science
Howard Nye Market-Democratizing the Capability Approach
Stack, Michael
Political Science
Laurie Adkin Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Organizational Study
Thompson, Connor
History & Classics
Gerhard Ens Rain Seems to Threaten Us Again: Edmonton Churches in Transition
Wesch, Samantha
Chloë Taylor
 The Sexualization of Nazis in Media from WWII to Present
Wiznura, Adam
History & Classics/Anthropology
Margriet Haagsma  Contextualizing oil flasks in Kastro Kallithea, Thessaly