Award Winning Researchers

2014 - 15 McCalla Professor

Yasmeen Abu-Laban's (Political Science) project seeks to create a textbook that addresses contemporary Canadian contributions to human rights. More specifically, the project will 1) develop a textbook on Canadian human rights expression for classroom use; 2) bring together relevant scholarly and policy documents, websites, and audiovisual materials, for instructional use in extant courses and to enhance the book project; and 3) provide a graduate student not only with funding, but teaching, research and publication experience, as well as mentoring in the profession. This project reflects key goals in Dare to Deliver (2011-2015).
  • 2013: Margriet Haagsma (History and Classics)
  • 2012: Nora Stovel (English & Film Studies)
  • 2011: Frances Pownall (History & Classics)
  • 2011: Susan Smith (History & Classics)
  • 2010: Linda Trimble (Political Science)

Killam Annual Professorships

  • 2014: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology)
  • 2013: Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science)
  • 2013: Imre Szeman (English & Film Studies)

J. Gordin Kaplan Award 
The annual award recognizes research excellence in the general area of humanities, social sciences, law, education, and fine arts, and excellence in the sciences or engineering.

  • 2014: Sarah Carter (History and Classics)
  • 2012: Beverly Lemire (History & Classics, H. M. Tory Chair)
  • 2011: John-Paul Himka (History & Classics)

Martha Cook Piper Research Prize 
Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, Law and Education Category 
Recognizes faculty members at an early stage in their careers who have developed strong reputations for original research and who show outstanding promise as researchers. 
  • 2013: Keavy Martin (English & Film Studies)
  • 2012: Robert Losey (Anthropology)
  • 2011: Ingo Brigandt (Philosophy) 
  • 2008: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology) 
  • 2003: Andrew Gow (History & Classics)

2015 Faculty of Arts Research Excellence Awards

Recognizes outstanding contributions to research and/or creative excellence in the Faculty of Arts. Three categories exist for these awards, one at each rank—Assistant, Associate and Full Professor. Nominations are made by Department Chairs and are adjudicated by the Faculty’s Research Awards committee on the basis of the nominee’s academic career record of research or creative activity.

  • Full Professor - Kevin Haggerty (Sociology)
  • Associate Professor - Carrie Smith-Prei (Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)
  • Assistant Professor - Jennifer Hsu (Political Science)