Arts Pedagogy Research and Innovation Laboratory

Enhancing Student Motivation

If the world went our way, all of our students would be motivated, all the time, by their love of learning! However, most of your students will bring a complex mixture of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations with them to class. Read the APRIL Blog to find out more about how to tap into your students' different motivation sources, and have a more enjoyable term.

Internationalizing Your Classroom

Our classes are increasingly diverse -- filled with students from across the globe. How do we adjust our pedagogy to enhance students' learning -- and learning from one another? This year, APRIL will be working closely with International Student Services, researching internationalized classrooms from the perspectives of both instructors and students. Interested in sitting on our advisory group, sharing your experiences in an interview, or joining the APRIL Internationalization Working Group? Contact Laura for details. 

Sapere Aude: Close Reading in a Large Sociology Lecture

Professor Richard Westerman bypasses textbooks and gets 60 2nd year students engaging the original texts of classical sociological theorists. Find out how he gets his students reading -- and learning to "think for themselves."

Music and Musicians Bring Sociology to Life

Assistant Professor Ken Caine brings live music into class to make social problems more meaningful to students. Find out how Ken uses songs lyrics, and face-to-face engagement with local musicians to awaken students' sociological imagination.

"Performing" the Lecture

Learn how professor Eve-Marie Morin brought lessons learned from her near-career as a classical pianist to engage students in a large first year philosophy class.