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Student Life and Learning Enrichment Fund


The University of Alberta values the role of extra-curricular activities for cultivating learning, discovery and citizenship (Dare to Discover: A Vision for a Great University ). Through the Office of the Dean of Students, the University has funding programs to support out-of-classroom activities of students and student groups (Student Engagement Granting Program http://www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/activitygrant). This support is not necessarily tied to an academic program of study.

As a complement, the Dean of Arts has a Student Life and Learning Enrichment Fund to support and encourage extra-curricular student activities that are related to a program of study pursued in the Faculty of Arts.

Student Life and Learning Enrichment Funding 

Student Life and Learning Enrichment Funding is intended to support individual students and student groups partaking in activities related to an Arts program of study and/or to enrich the experience of student life in the Faculty. Some examples are: expenses related to participation in a conference, sponsorship of guest speakers and special Arts events, and support for student groups affiliated with and having a mandate related to the goals and vision of the Faculty of Arts.

Undergraduates registered in a program of study in the Faculty of Arts at the time of expenses are incurred are eligible to apply for funds. Student groups must be registered as a group with the University (http://www.su.ualberta.ca/). The proposed activity must be extra-curricular in nature (i.e., activity that does not result in credit being awarded toward a program of study) as funds are not targeted for classroom and course assignment support. Individual students, including individuals applying as members involved in a larger group activity, may receive funding not more than twice during their program, and only once during any given fiscal year (April - March). Registered groups may be funded on an annual basis.

Requests for funding should be submitted to Dr. Allen Ball, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Arts, 6-33 Humanities Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E5, allen.ball@ualberta.ca

The request must include:

1) the name of the individual or group making application, with student identification number or registered group number and in the case of individual requests, the program of study being pursed in the Faculty of Arts;
2) a cover letter explaining the request and the nature of extracurricular activities;
3) a statement about how the funds will enrich student learning in the program of study and/or student life;
4) estimated budget with supporting documentation, such as program registration, airfare, and lodging quotes if the funds will be used for travel.

Funding decisions are made by the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) based on the strength of the application and availability of funds. Decisions are not appealable. Applicants can expect to be notified of a funding decision within two (2) weeks of receipt of a request.

Opportunities may arise unpredictably throughout the year and there are therefore no set deadlines. Requests will be considered as they are received, but should be submitted at least two weeks prior to any project or event.

Fund Allocation
To assist as many students and groups as possible, funds will be allocated as appropriate to the activity with the following stipulations:
• Conference registration, travel ($700 maximum for international travel, $500 for domestic)
• Guest speaker, Special events expenses ($1000 maximum)
• Student group support (maximum $1000)
• Other activities (as appropriate to a maximum of $1000) 

Funds from the Faculty are intended to offset rather than cover all expenses. Students are expected to seek out additional sources of funding.

Links to other funding sources:
Student Engagement Granting Program

Credits and Reports
Students who have been awarded support are required to submit a brief report within two months of the completion of the project. The report should show how the funds helped the student accomplish the goals set out in the application, and if applicable, which other funding was received. Moreover, we also ask that awardees acknowledge the support from the Student Life and Learning Enrichment Fund in any publications or performances.