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Student Spotlight

  Quanteisha is a Juno award winning, Edmonton-based singer and also a first-year Faculty of Arts student. We recently asked Quanteisha to tell us about her recent Juno win and how she is enjoying her first year at the University of Alberta.   more>>

  Collins Maina is the Programmer/Leader of the Arts Leadership Cohort Floor which resides in Lister Hall. The floor is comprised of students living in residence with a passion for volunteering and participating in social action. Collins believes passionately in volunteering and becoming involved in the community and the world. Collins himself was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and has travelled throughout Kenya and the United States giving him a perspective of the different peoples and cultures throughout the world. He is passionate in volunteering, hoping to incorporate volunteering into his professional life and elsewhere. Collins is a volunteer writer for the Gateway and also a guest writer for the Work of Arts Blog.  more>>

  Emma Scullion is a 2nd year Political Science student in the Faculty of Arts. She lives in Lister residence on the Faculty of Arts Leadership Cohort floor. more>>

  Paige Parsons is a 4th year Bachelor of Arts Honors student and also an award winning ringette player. We asked Paige about what it's like to be an Arts student and how she fits in time to play ringette! more>>

  Samim is a recent BA graduate with a Major in Anthropology and a minor in Human Geography. Currently she is participating in a research internship in Shanghai in conjunction with a Brighton University Professor. She was born in Belgium and also possesses Canadian citizenship since infancy. She lived in China during her childhood schooling before attending the University of Alberta. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English with a working understanding of Farsi. We asked her about her choice of post-secondary education and her thoughts on the skills and knowledge gained by Arts graduates.  more>>

  Caitlin McLeod, Arts Cohort Floor Leader at Lister Centre.  more>>

  Rob Houle, on why he chose the Faculty of Arts more>>