Study Abroad


Application Deadlines

Spring Term 2015: March 2, 2015

Fall Term 2015: June 15, 2015

Winter Term 2016: September 14, 2015

NOTE: The School in Cortona can only admit a maximum of 45 students per term. Admissions are done on a first-come, first-served basis and may cut off before the published deadline.


Students from all Faculties, programs and institutions are welcome to apply. To be eligible for admission to the School in Cortona, you:
  • Must submit the application and reference forms (see Application Information for further details)

  • Must present a GPA of 2.3 out of 4.0 (a letter grade average of “C+“) 

  • Must meet normal, published admission requirements to the Faculty of Arts, including English Language Proficiency requirements (for students from countries where the principal language is not English)

  • Must have successfully completed a minimum 24 units of course weight (ucw) from a recognized post-secondary institution

  • Must NOT be enrolled in full-year courses (if applying for the Fall or Winter Term)

  • Must NOT be enrolled in Open Studies at the U of A (for Fall and Winter only). Because the School in Cortona requires a minimum course load of 9 ucw in Fall/Winter, Open Studies students are not eligible.