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Writing is at the heart of of the Arts

Improve your writing through study, practice, and tutoring.

Writing Studies at the University of Alberta offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the exploration of writing. It also serves as an intellectual home for faculty and students who promote university-wide writing initiatives.


You can register for Writing Studies Courses through Bear Tracks.

WRS 101: Exploring Writing focuses explicitly on writing and language use as the content of the course.  Students will actively engage with both the theory and practice of writing.  The course combines both low-stakes discovery writing and high-stakes, polished, formal writing.  It builds on The Discovery Writing Premise, which stresses that writing is a powerful and unique mode of learning that encourages students to explore course material actively, to understand and remember difficult concepts, to organize their thinking, and to evaluate what and how they have learned.  Discovery writing complements other forms of learning, enriching the learning process by providing students with a physical record of their inquiry and discovery throughout a course.  Please see our brochure for more information.  WRS 101 was recognized with a 2014-2015 Certificate of Excellence from the Conference on College Composition and Communication.  Note:  Some sections are restricted to Bridging Program students.  

WRS 102: Writing in the Disciplines is about how to write well at university. Writing at a university-level is a complicated undertaking for a number of reasons: The kinds of writing students are required to do vary considerably from one program to another; the definition of “good” writing varies across the university; and instructors as audiences vary in what they expect from students. This course prepares you to address these concerns as you progress through your university experience. This course will be taught in a blended format (a mix of in-class and online components). Please see our brochure for more information.

Program Adminstration

Dr. Heather Graves, Director, Writing Studies at 780.492.6030 or email: for more information.

There are four full-time faculty who teach in Writing Studies.

Name  Position Phone Email
Barker, Thomas Professor 780.492.7651
Graves, Heather    Director and Assoc. Professor 780.492.6030
Graves, Roger Professor 780.492.4704
Moussu, Lucie Assoc. Professor    780.492.9582

Writing Studies is supported by a team of talented and dedicated instructors:

Contract Instructors for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016

Greg Bechtel, WRS 101 Fall and Winter terms

Hanne Bjornstad, WRS 101 Fall term

Leilei Chen, WRS 101 Winter term

Anna Chilewska, WRS 101 Fall and Winter terms

Jessica Friederichsen, WRS 101 Fall and Winter terms

Jon Gordon, WRS 101 Fall and Winter term

Rachel Prusko, WRS 101 Winter terms

Lucinda Rasmussen, WRS 101 Fall and Winter terms

Jana Smith Elford, WRS 101 Winter term