Recent Achievements

University Awards

University Cup
The highest honour this University can bestow on a member of its academic staff, granted only to those individuals who have achieved outstanding distinction in each of the areas of scholarly research, teaching, service to the University, and service to the community at large.

  • 2011: Liz Ingram (Art & Design) 
  • 2008: David Marples (History & Classics) 
  • 2005: Patricia Demers (English & Film Studies) 
  • 2002: Susan McDaniel (Sociology)
  • 2000: Isobel Grundy (English & Film Studies) 
  • 1996: Juliet McMaster (English & Film Studies) 

Killam Annual Professorships
Based on scholarly activities such as teaching, research, publications, creative activities, presented papers, supervision of graduate students and courses taught, as well as service to the community beyond the university. 
  • 2014: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology)
  • 2013: Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science) and Imre Szeman (English & Film Studies)
  • 2011: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology) and Robert Smith (History & Classics)
  • 2008: Ehud Ben Zvi (History & Classics, Religious Studies) 
  • 2007: George Pavlich (Sociology)
  • 2005: David Marples (History & Classics)
  • 2003: Helena Fracchia (History & Classics)
  • 2002: William Beard (Comparative Literature)
Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prizes
The recipients are selected based on academic achievement, a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and leadership qualities. Recipients receive a cash prize and a certificate acknowledging their award.
  • 2011: Megan Highet (Anthropology)
Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholars Awards
Presented to outstanding doctoral students.
  • 2011: Joshua Freistadt (Sociology), Megan Highet (Anthropology) and Maya Seshia (Political Science)
Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowships
Presented to outstanding PhD graduates.
  • 2011: Silvia Pasquetti (Sociology) and Mark Dickens (Religious Studies)
Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow Prize
Awarded to the outstanding Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship recipient.
  • 2011: Mark Dickens (Religious Studies)
Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring
This award is given annually to one member of the academic staff in recognition of outstanding performance in the area of mentoring summer research students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting research scholars.
  • 2011/2012: Linda Trimble (Political Science)

McCalla Professorships

Awarded to professors who value excellence in teaching, acknowledge the importance of students, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, are collaborative, open to change, take pride in history and traditions and are committed to integrating their research and teaching.
  • 2014: Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science)
  • 2013: Margriet Haagsma (History & Classics)
  • 2012: Nora Stovel (English & Film Studies)
  • 2011: Frances Pownall (History & Classics); Susan Smith (History & Classics)
  • 2010: Linda Trimble (Political Science)
  • 2009: Gary Kelly (English & Film Studies), Christopher Fletcher (Anthropology) 
  • 2008: Sally Rice (Linguistics), Jennifer Welchman (Philosophy)
  • 2007: Dianne Chisholm (English & Film Studies), Michael Dawson (Psychology)
  • 2006: Jane Samson (History & Classics), Allen Carlson (Philosophy), Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science)
Distinguished University Professors
A title awarded by the University to members of its academic staff who have achieved outstanding distinction in each of the areas of research and scholarship, teaching and service to the university and the community at large.
  • 2011: Janine Brodie (Political Science) 
  • 2009: Liz Ingram (Art & Design)

Excellence in Leadership Award

Designed to recognize outstanding leaders or leadership teams for their awareness of attention to issues and concerns that impact the quality of the work and learning environment.
  • 2010: Betsy Boone (Art & Design) 
Academic Women's Association (AWA) Woman of the Year Award
Given to a University of Alberta woman in recognition of her contributions to the betterment of women in the University community, either through the course of her career or through her dedication to current activism.
  • 2011: Malinda Smith (Political Science)


Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

  • 2014: Micah True (Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)
  • 2013: Carrie Smith-Prei (Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)
Rutherford Awards 
Recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching by full-time continuing academic staff.
  • 2014: Sandra Nicholls (Drama), Dennis Sweeney (History & Classics)
  • 2011: Janet Scot Hoyt (Music), Lise Gotell (Women's & Gender Studies)
  • 2010: Stuart Landon (Economics), Connie Varnhagen (Psychology)
  • 2009: Bert Almon (English & Film Studies), Elizabeth Moulton (Drama), David Whitson (Political Science) 
  • 2008: Cressida Heyes (Philosophy) 
  • 2007: David Barnet (Drama) 
  • 2006: John-Paul Himka (History & Classics)
William Alexander Hardy Award
Recognizes excellence in undergraduate teaching.
  • 2014: Juniad Jahangir (Economics), Royden Mills (Art & Design), Cristina Stasia (Women's & Gender Studies)
  • 2009: Melissa Jacques (English & Film Studies) 
  • 2008: Mark Blythe (Political Science), Robyn Fowler (English & Film Studies)
  • 2006: Janet Wesselius (Philosophy), Philip Mingay (English & Film Studies)
  • 2004: Jan Henderson (Drama) 
Graduate Students’ Association
Academic Staff Award

Recognizes an academic staff member whose work in teaching and supervising graduate students has been of exceptionally high quality.
  • 2010: Lois Harder (Political Science)
  • 2009: Rob Shields (Sociology) 
Graduate Students’ Association
Graduate Student Supervisor Award
Recognizes an outstanding supervisor whose mentoring goes above and beyond the usual duties.
  • 2009: Stephen Kent (Sociology) 
  • 2006: David Kahane (Philosophy) 
Students’ Union Award for Leadership in Undergraduate Teaching

Promotes excellence in teaching, based on student nominations and adjudication.
  • 2010: Douglas Wardell (Psychology) 
  • 2009: Lise Gotell (Women's Studies)

Community Engagement

President’s Media Recognition Award
Recognizes professors whose exceptional work with the media brings recognition to the University of Alberta.
  • 2009: Paul Joosse (Graduate Student, Sociology) 
Michael Phair Leadership Award
The first lesbian, gay, bisexual, transidentified or queer (LGBTQ) specific award in the history of the University of Alberta, given to students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in the LGBTQ community.
  • 2009: Josh Dalledonne (Undergraduate Student, Drama) 
“Beyond These Halls” Community Service Award
Recognizes exemplary service, a spirit of volunteerism, contributions outside the University community, a positive impact on community life, and sharing of expertise.
  • • 2009: Donna Coombs-Montrose (Executive Assistant to the Chair, Political Science)

Non-Academic Staff

Information Technology Leadership Award:
This award recognizes one non-academic or academic person for demonstrating outstanding technology leadership to their unit and/or their contributions to the campus community.
  • 2013: Jeff Rawlings (Faculty of Arts)
Information Technology Project Award:
This award recognizes a team effort (composed of students, non-academics, and/or academics) to successfully deploy a major IT project with significant impact to the IT environment offered by a unit or to the campus.
  • 2013: Donna Feledichuk (Arts Resource Centre)
President’s Achievement Award: “Dare to Discover”
A team award designed to inspire and engage members of the campus community, and profile achievements in support of the University's goals.
  • 2008: The Writing Task Force (University-wide enterprise based in our Faculty) 
University Recognition Awards
Recognize extraordinary contributions to the university by Administrative Professional Officers, Faculty Service Officers, and Librarians.
  • 2012: Kerri Calvert (Research Services)
  • 2011: Melissa Casey (Undergraduate Student Services) 
  • 2009: Stan Szynkowski (Art & Design) 
  • 2008: Robin Cowan (Undergraduate Student Services)
Support Staff Recognition Awards
Awarded annually to support staff members who have distinguished themselves by positively contributing to the work environment and by being good ambassadors for the U of A.
  • 2009: Charlene Hill (Economics)
Support Staff Research Enhancement Award
Awarded jointly by NASA (Non-Academic Staff Association) and the Office of the Vice-President to recognize contributions to the University's culture of research excellence.
  • 2010: Elizabeth French (Linguistics)