United Way Campaign


The University of Alberta is proud to continue its tradition of supporting the United Way Alberta Capital Region annual fundraising campaign. For more than 30 years, the U of A has supported the good work of the United Way and this year we are excited about their new program, “Creating Pathways Out of Poverty,” which supports local organizations working under three pillars: 

  • Education
  • Income 
  • and Wellness

Download Pledge Form (PDF) 

Send your pledge form to:

University of Alberta
Campus United Way Campaign
c/o Scheduled Distribution
Materials Management Building
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2R3

Please be sure to print your first and last name on the top, right-hand box of the pledge form.

Change starts here...change starts with you.
Together we will make a difference.

  • In the Alberta Capital Region, over 120,000 people, approximately 10 per cent of our population, live in poverty.  37,000 of them are children
  • They are everyday citizens who have hit a rough patch in their lives, or suffer from mental health issues or addictions. The economic costs of poverty are staggering and are incurred through health care, policing and social services. 
  • Did you know it costs taxpayers more to leave someone homeless rather than to provide them with suitable shelter?  
  • For the cost of just two lattes per month, you could provide healthy snacks at a preschool for two months and help to break the cycle of poverty.

The University of Alberta is approaching a significant milestone in support of the United Way campaign. By reaching our goal of raising $650,000 this year, we will surpass $10 million in support over the last three decades. It's a demonstration of our leadership in the community and a demonstration of the generous spirit of the university community, who give to those in need.

Be an Everyday Hero!

For just $1 per day, you can help to ensure that students at an inner city school receive a hot nutritious lunch or provide first aid supplies for an inner city drop in centre for six months. There are many easy ways to give – payroll deductions, pre-authorized bank or credit card payments in one time or monthly payments.

Please make your pledge today and if you are able, join the ranks of Everyday Heroes who believe in the value of the United Way.

Donation tax benefits and true costs to you

Donation Total Tax Credit Actual Cost Actual Cost  Cost Per Day   
$120  $30  $90 $0.25  
$240 $70  $170 $0.47  
$365 $132.50  $232.50 $0.64 Every Day Hero 
$600 $250  $350 $0.96 Campus Leader
$1,000 $450 $550 $1.51 Leader of the Way
$2,000 $950 $1,050 $2.88  
$3,000 $1,450 $1,550
$4,000 $1,950 $2,050
$5,000 $2,450 $2,550 $6.99  

Show your support...

 “The United Way continues to be an integral part of the funding framework for so many vital organizations in our Community, and I am proud to be a Supporter.”

Doug Goss, Q.C.
Chair, Board of Governors


"The work that the United Way does is indispensable for Edmonton and Alberta as a whole. Us Canadians all too often forget that poverty exists right in our own backyard and the United Way's work is making an actual difference in our communities."

Petros Kusmu
President, Students' Union


“Every day the organizations supported by the United Way are making a real difference in Edmonton and Alberta.  These are the people supporting the homeless on the streets, helping young people get back on track, feeding the hungry.  This is work that should not be necessary in the rich province we live in, but it is.  And the money from the United Way can pay for that work, in ways that other grants and project funds cannot.  It puts gas in the van, it keeps the lights on, it makes it possible for the committed staff and volunteers to do their essential work.  I have been a supporter of the United Way for over 20 years; it is the least I can do to make this a better place for everyone.”

Lesley Cormack, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Arts

Important Dates and Events

  • October 1 – Pledge cards are delivered across campus 

  • October 5 – Campaign Kick-Off at the Turkey Trot

  • October 8 – Loopy Lunch

Issue a subpoena to a friend or colleague for their egregious offenses and they will be ordered to appear at The Big House on November 21, 2013 between 1100 and 1300 to face summary judgement and rapid incarceration.  The way out?  Pledges!  The accused will be required to raise a minimum of $50 to cover the fine or spend a minimum of 15 minutes in the slammer.  Each five dollars pledged during incarceration will reduce the amount of time spent locked up by one minute.  Be careful though! Members of the public who feel the punishment doesn’t fit the crime can buy additional jail time for five dollars per minute.

If you would like to issue a subpoena to your favorite offender, download the form here with complete instructions to file your complaint.  Subpoenas can be issued from now until November 20.  Come down to the stage in CAB to watch the antics. Feel free to pass on the information.

Watch the livestream of today's antics here.


  • November 18 - 22 - Autographed guitar auction


You can have bragging rights to a one-of-a-kind, Canadian made Simon and Patrick acoustic guitar autographed by these talented Canadian artists:

     Sarah McLachlan, Colin James, the Barenaked Ladies, Colonel Chris Hadfield, and k.d. lang

There is not likely another item like this anywhere, so this is your chance to purchase this guitar while supporting the United Way.  Please share this information with anyone who might be interest with this ecard. Bidding is open to the general public.


Go to campusauctionmarket.com to place your bid!

  • November 25 daily until December 21 - Forest Society Christmas tree sales

Corbett Hall parking lot (8203 - 114 Street)
3 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday

9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Did you know...

United Way supports organizations within the University of Alberta.

In addition to more than 50 other community organizations, the United Way supports the Community University Partnership (CUP) which is a part of the Faculty of Extension and the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (ISMSS) which resides in the Faculty of Education.

Please visit the United Way’s website for more information about the important work they do and the organizations they support.


Contact Us

Darlene Bryant
U of A United Way Campaign Coordinator
Initiatives Lead, University Relations
6-92 GSB
Edmonton, AB  T6G 2H1

phone:  780.492.6892
email: darlene.bryant@ualberta.ca