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Common 1st year questions answered here!

Q: I can’t register in course ABC XXX.
A: If the course is full, you will need to add yourself to the Watch List on BearTracks and wait for a space to become available. If the course is not full and you need Department consent, you will have to speak with the appropriate Department. The contact information for all the Departments can be found here Science Department Contacts.

Q: My ABC XXX lab still doesn't have a location. How can I find out where it will be held?
A: Lab locations are sometimes updated in the first week of classes. You may be told during your first lecture for that course where the lab will be held. You can also check with the Department of ABC. The contact information for the Science Departments can be found here: Science Department ContactsRemember that there are no first year labs in the first week of classes, so you do not need to go to your lab today.

Q: I need someone to go over my registration and make sure I'm registered in the right courses.
A: If you are in the General program, you can have a Degree Assessment done. Please fill out a Degree Assessment Request Form. You will be emailed when it is ready to pick up. If you are in a Specialization or Honors program, you will need to meet with your program advisor. Their contact information can be found here Specialization & Honors Advisors.

Q: I want to get a Degree Assessment done to make sure my courses are on track.
A: Please fill out a Degree Assessment Request Form. You will be emailed when it is ready to pick up. Please note, this is only available for students who have completed a minimum of *60, and will only be done once a term. 

Q: Where can I get a locker?
A: You can go to ISSS in 1-150 for locker rentals.

Q: I want to declare/change my Major/Minor.
A: Please fill out a Statement of Major/Minor Form and submit it at CCIS 1-001. It will be updated on your BearTracks within a few days.

Q: I want to make sure that I have all the prerequisites for applying to Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy/Veterinary.

A: You can review the requirements for these programs on their websites, and check that your registration matches what they are looking for. If you are applying to a school other than the U of A, you will need to ask that school how your courses would transfer over.