Entrance Students

A few things to know…

The Credit System

When building your timetable you first have to find your program outline and determine which courses to take. Each Science degree has a list of required courses and options that you must complete.

University courses are assigned credit hours which are denoted with a star (*).

  • Half year courses are *3 and run from September - December or January - April
  • Full year courses are *6 and run from September - April
  • Science degrees consists of *120 (you will need to take a total of 40 courses) 


The school year is made up of 4 terms; 2 main terms and 2 compressed terms

  • Fall term runs from September - December
  • Winter term runs form January - April
  • Spring term runs from May - June
  • Summer term runs from July - August 

Duration of degree

Science degrees are designed to be completed in 4 years, most can be done over a longer period of time.

  • To graduate in 4 years you will take *30 per year (5 courses in both the fall/winter terms)
  • Full-time course load can range from 3-5 courses per term
  • Part-time course load can range from 1-2 courses per term