Admission to the Faculty of Science is competitive, and averages vary by degree type.

Admission to Science

When is admission offered?

  • Fall term (September)  - All Science degrees
  • Winter term (January)  - No admission available
  • Spring term (May)        - Admission to BSc General available

Please note that the Fall 2015 application deadline for all Science degree programs is May 1, 2015

Admission Averages

Averages in the University calendar are the minimum averages required to submit an application. Meeting the minimum application average does not guarantee admission; all applicants must meet the competitive average for the program they are applying to. 

High School Applicants

High school applicants are either currently attending or have already completed High School, and have never taken a post-secondary level course. 

Post-secondary Applicants

Post-secondary applicants are students who have completed high school and have taken some post-secondary course work.  Current university students, After Degree applicants, Special Students and Visiting Students are included in this category.

International Applicants

All students are required to demonstrate English Language Proficiency (ELP) - in addition to meeting the general admission requirements for their program of choice.