Graduate Programs

Faculty of Science Awards

Faculty of Science Dissertation Award

Dissertation Award Winners

Jiahui Wu, Chemistry
Katie Nizio, Chemistry
Marie Auger Methe, Biological Sciences
Jeremy Iwashkiw, Biological Sciences
Yongxin Zhao, Chemistry
Matthew Mazowita, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Jessica Vaughan, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Sebastian Lackey, Biological Sciences

Stefanie Vogt, Biological Sciences
Niushan Gao, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Zhizeng Gao, Chemistry
Zhihua Chang, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Robert Serrouya, Biological Sciences
Feng Li, Chemistry
Junfeng Ma, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Jacob Burgess, Physics

Nicole Oro, Chemistry
Spencer Alford, Chemistry
Myles Poulin, Chemistry
Katherine Gagnon, Physics
Clarissa Sit, Chemistry
Lauren Guillette, Psychology
Sebastien Guex, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Nikolai Sinkov, Chemistry
Ibrahim Al-Rafia, Chemistry
Marisa Hoeschele, Psychology
Zachary Friggstad, Computing Science
Karlene Lynch, Biological Sciences
Jose Hernandez, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Barbara Katzenback, Biological Sciences
Josh Mutus, Physics
Hassan El-Saidi, Chemistry
Michael Slaney, Chemistry
Avena Ross, Chemistry
Aaron Shafer, Biological Sciences

Ryan McKellar, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty of Science Graduate Mentor Award

Deadline: February 15

Graduate Mentor Award Winners

Christopher Sturdy, Psychology

Greg Goss, Biological Sciences

For information contact:

Crystal Moore, Administrative Assistant to
Associate Dean (International and Graduate Affairs)