Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

"Musseling" in on award

University of Alberta researcher Mark Lewis, a leader in the field of mathematical modeling, has received one of seven national 2012 Killam Research Fellowships

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July 1, 2015: Vakhtang Putkaradze assumes position of PIMS site director
Succeeding Dr. Charles Doran, Doctor Vakhtang Putkaradze commences a 3-year term at the University of Alberta as the site director of the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

May 2015: Thomas Hillen wins 2015 CAIMS Research Prize
Dr. Thomas Hillen wins the 2015 Research Prize of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society. The award is given for his outstanding contribution to the understanding and treatment of cancer through mathematical modeling, analysis and simulations. Of particular importance is his series of studies in such important aspects as modelling of cell movement, modelling of brain tumor spread, optimization of radiation treatment, and modelling of cancer stem cells.

April 16, 2015: Dragos Hrimiuc wins 2015 PIMS Education Prize
From the website of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences: Awarded annually by PIMS, this prize recognizes individuals in Western Canada and Washington State who have played a major role in encouraging activities that enhance public awareness and appreciation of mathematics, as well as fostering communication among various groups concerned with mathematical education at all levels.

October 2014: David Favero named CRC in Derived Categories
Dr. David Favero was named Canada Research Chair in Derived Categories. His research can be thought of as studying the rules of space and geometry in the mathematical formalism of algebraic geometry and derived categories. This field known as Kontsevich's noncommutative geometry builds on concepts at the crossroads between modern mathematics and high energy theoretical physics.

Gerda de Vries wins 2014 CMS Excellence in Teaching Award
Dr. Gerda de Vries was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award of the Canadian Mathematical Society for the year 2014. - CMS President Keith Taylor comments: "Proefessor de Vries brings her own excitement about mathematics and its applications to her teaching and instills that excitement in her students. This is the kind of excellence that nourishes our discipline."