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The planning for Festival of Ideas 2014 is well underway. For information, feedback and sponsorship opportunities as well as general questions, please contact Darlene Bryant.


Looking Forward to Festival of Ideas 2014

Festival of Ideas 2014 is coming together and promises to be a fantastic four days. We are thrilled to announce Joyce Carol Oates is confirmed for November 23, 2014. 

There is no more versatile and accomplished American writer than Joyce Carol Oates. The author of many books, Oates has penned best­selling novels and critically acclaimed collections of short fiction, as well as essays, plays, poetry, a recent memoir, A Widow’s Story, and an unlikely bestseller, On Boxing

Her remarkable literary industry- which includes work as an editor and anthologist - spans forms, themes, topics and genres.

Writing in The Nation, critic Henry Louis Gates Jr. said, “A future archeologist equipped only with her oeuvre could easily piece together the whole of postwar America.” In 2010, reflect­ing the widespread esteem in which her work is held, President Barack Obama awarded Oates the National Humanities Medal.


2013 Event: Alanis Morissette and Margaret Atwood

At the University of Alberta's Festival of Ideas in the fall of 2013, Musician Alanis Morissette talks with author Margaret Atwood about the first song she ever wrote.

See more videos from "Life, Love, Art" A Night With Alanis Morissette and Margaret Atwood. Hosted by Jared Bland on November 23, 2013. #UAlbertaIdeas

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About the Event

The biennial Festival of Ideas is a partnership between the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Arts Council, Capital Power, and the University of Alberta.

The festival is built on a tradition of forging connections between the sciences and the arts, as well as the university and the broader community. To this end, the festival invites performers, writers, visual artists, scientists and public intellectuals to share their views and exchange ideas with the general public through forums, panel discussions, artistic productions and community events.