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Lead the Change

Programs for employees within the public sector

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2-day Leadership Course

Mar 16-17, 2015

This program will incorporate a number of adult learning methods: individual and small group work, reflection, personal diagnostic tools and inventories, video and skills practices to aid in mastery of the skills.

You will walk away with:
  • a theoretical understanding of leadership 
  • the refinement of a personal philosophy around leadership 
  • the start of a self-directed action plan for enhancing their own leadership skills
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1-day Strategic Thinking Course

Mar 18, 2015

The course will provide you an understanding of how organizations can create a strategic plan to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

You will be exposed to concepts of blue ocean thinking, competitive advantage, vision / mission, core competency, environmental forces. You will also be exposed to a strategic planning tool called the “Wall” which is designed to help individuals in organizations map out their strategic plan.

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Leaders in Alberta

Meet some of Alberta's leaders who share their thoughts!

Leadership in Alberta

Organizational Transformation

Change, improve and transform your organization with us! 

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