Attend our prospective graduate student visitation weekend

The prospective graduate student visitation weekend takes place March 13 to 15 and is open to all residents of Canada and the United States.

UAlberta to lead new national network on forefront of biomedical science

GlycoNet will capitalize on university's research strength and leadership in harnessing carbohydrates to find new vaccines and drugs against infectious diseases.

David Bundle's research featured in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

David Bundle's research is addressing global health outcomes by improving Brucellosis diagnosis and management. The research is part of a collaboration with Dr. John McGiven from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency in the UK and is supported by a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Grant and by an NSERC Discovery Grant.

Colour-changing proteins shed light on inner workings of live cells

Fluorescent proteins could signal new ways of treating everything from mental illness to diabetes and cancer.


The Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta provides an outstanding environment for studies in chemistry, is among the most research active departments in Canada, and is ranked as one of the top departments in the country.

The department is one of the best equipped and best funded in North America and has a faculty renowned internationally for excellence in teaching and research.