Gifts to the Faculty of Arts support our students, faculty and programs that foster creativity and discovery and make a difference in people’s lives. In addition to the Arts Fund, which allows Dean Lesley Cormack and department chairs to seize opportunities and fund the areas for the greatest impact, the Faculty of Arts has identified the following priority initiatives:

Transform Edmonton’s Arts District – Invest in our music and art and design programs
The Department of Music’s choirs, bands, composers and scholars enrich campus life and contribute to Edmonton’s vibrant arts scene; the Department of Art & Design provides students with one of the best university fine arts educations in North America. With the support of our donors, alumni and friends, we can propel these programs to new heights, in anticipation of a potential move to the planned downtown Galleria facility, providing a powerful legacy for generations to come.

Enhance the student experience
Together we can ensure that Arts students graduate as engaged, global citizens by supporting scholarships and awards, and programs that connect students with community organizations, as well as providing international and experiential learning opportunities.

Promote academic excellence
The Faculty of Arts is leading the creation of an honours college to provide a cohort-based learning opportunity for the strongest students across campus. This program will focus on excellence, citizenship, creativity and leadership. With enhanced co-curricular activities and small classes, students in the honours college will have an extraordinary university experience.

Enrich research and creative activities
Philanthropy can enhance research and community engagement at the University of Alberta by establishing an academic position focused on a particular area of research or supporting a lecture series that provides access to thought leaders and engages in public discourse.

Contact Us

To find out how you can support the Faculty of Arts and make a difference in the futures of our students, please contact Jane Potentier, Director of Advancement at 780-492-8060 or Angela Martincevic, Senior Advancement Officer at 780.492.9473.