BA Curriculum Review

Working Proposals

Draft Table for New BA Attributes and Requirements

Core Attributes Learning Outcomes Junior Courses Senior Courses Comment
1. Analysis and Interpretation (“Ways of Thinking and Knowing”)
  • Numeric Literacy
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Critical thinking and interpretation
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Information literacy
*3 quantitative analysis and reasoning course chosen from “Science and Arts” or Science
*3 qualitative analysis course in Arts
Information literacy will be satisfied by online module, required of all students.

Will require new courses on quantitative analyses in Arts
2. Research, Creation and Inquiry
  • Creative solutions
  • Innovative thinking
  • Problem-oriented
*3 Capstone project attached to 400-level course, as designated by student with faculty supervision. 400-level course can also be directed reading to allow students to satisfy requirement as part of URI, AWE or CSL courses
3. Communication and Culture
  • Seeing, reading and hearing critically
  • Communication across disciplines and cultures
  • Use of various media
*6 of which *3 in writing (“W-“) and *3 in visual (“V-“). *3 “Writing in the Discipline” course Current “W” courses might include WRS, junior English, but also new writing-intensive courses offered by departments. Visual courses might include cultural, film and fine arts courses.
4. Global Citizenship
  • Understanding language study
  • Global and cultural awareness in historical context
  • Engagement with diverse communities

*6 of junior or senior language courses or content courses in LOE *3 of senior language course or approved content “GC” courses (Poli. Sci., MLCS, EAS, EFS, Music, H&C etc.)

Numerous courses already exist on each level.

Students will be encouraged to take study abroad courses.
5. Lifelong, Adaptive and Engaged Learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Social engagement
  • Ethical awareness
  • Citizenship

*3 from CSL, AWE or study abroad Engagement outside classroom essential
Total Credits
18 12 =30

Other notes and suggestions:

  • BA-wide requirements in this scenario is down from *36 to *30, from 12 to 10 courses.
  • One of the advantages with this mix of junior and senior courses is that they are linked and that they build capacity for success in the major as well as post-graduation.
  • Note that since some of the requirements can be fulfilled by taking courses within the major, students should have more optional courses.
  • Students will have the option of taking up to two courses as Fail/Pass options after having taken *60. This might encourage students to take courses outside their comfort zone. F/P courses cannot be counted towards any requirements for the BA or the major.
  • Some new courses will have to be created for the core attributes and there needs to be a body that approves those courses. More specific criteria need to be established for what constitutes a course in each category.
  • To articulate the attributes, all students will maintain an e-portfolio, where various essays, reflective pieces, creative works, and research papers may be included. (Will need staff to monitor students’ portfolios)