BA Curriculum Review

Why Attributes?

Towards a Plan for Communication Skills in the New BA

The Federal Government has compiled a list of 21st Century skills important for employability.  

They have divided the skills into 2 groupings:

  1. Literacy: which encompasses reading, writing, numeracy and document use; and
  2. Essential skills for the workplace: Computer use, thinking, oral communication, working with others, continuous learning

Shifting Minds: A 21st Century Vision of Public Education for Canada outlines "a national vision and framework for 21st century models of learning in Canada ... Founded on Seven Guiding Principles, the document serves as a guide for integrating these key competencies and skills into Canada's learning systems."

A Rhetorical Education in the Arts

Report on BA Attributes 2013

A Research-based Approach to Generic Graduate Attributes Policy

GFC Committee on Attributes and Competencies

It Takes More than a Major: Survey Results PPT Presentation

Attributes in demand according to Canadian CEO's Jan. 29, 2014