BA Curriculum Review

BA Review Steering Committee

  • Mickey Adolphson, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Chair
  • Robin Cowan, Senior Officer, Undergraduate Student Services
  • Alison Taylor, Faculty of Education, Director, Community Service Learning (Working group rep)
  • Janice Williamson, English & Film Studies (Working group rep)
  • Lianne McTavish, Art & Design (working group rep)
  • Beverly Lemiere, History & Classics (working group rep)
  • Jennifer Dailey-O’Cain, MLCS (working group rep)
  • Peter Hurd, Psychology, Undergraduate Associate Chair
  • Heather Eckert, Economics
  • Julian Castro-Rea, Political Science
  • Chris Wudarck (CBAS)
  • Ara Ko (CBAS)
  • Travis Dueck (CBAS)
  • Jennifer Barranoik (CBAS)
  • Dylan Williams (CBAS)
  • Emerson Csorba, student RA