Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2014 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor
 Title of Research Project

Ardern, Jessy

Kim McCaw Corday/David: Towards a New Play
Biasini, Arianna
Women's & Gender Studies
Susanne Luhmann Queering Femininities at the Roller Derby
Bunting, Kenzie
English & Film Studies 
 Sean Robertson Personalizing Indigenous/nonIndigenous Place-Based Alliances: Rethinking Activism is Academia
 Chau, Jonathan
English & Film Studies
Pat Demers Bringing Culture to the Prairies: The Rise of the Literary Institutions in Alberta
 Dutton, Emily
Women's & Gender Studies
Lise Gotell Queering Self-Care: Reimagining Self-Care in Healing From Sexual Assault
Harrigan, Galvin
Ben Tucker Reduction in Plains Cree: Connected and Isolated Speech
Letersky, Mathew 
Mark Hannesson Touch Wave Radio Audio Installation
Munoz Gallo, Daniela
Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
Ann DeLeon Contesting Castas: Race and Marriage in the 18th Century Kingdom of Nuevo Leon
 Osahor, Emmanuel
Art & Design
Liz Ingram Studio Art Effectiveness as Positive Aid for High Risk Youth
Pickering, Hollyanne
Serra Tinic Shock marketing in music videos and South Africa's 'Answer': Analysing "Die Antwoord's Counter-Hegemonic Discourses as a Tool for Critical Media Literacy 
Sifeldeen, Jordan
Dominique Clement Children's Human Rights and the Right to Die
Tarnawsky, Andrea
David Gramit Vaudeville in Edmonton : Urban Development and Musical Morality
 Zoldeziowski, Anya
Political Science
Linda Trimble Returning Canadian Soldiers: Government and Media Discourse