Undergraduate Student Research

Winners of the 2013 Roger S. Smith Research Award

Name Supervisor Title of Research Project

Keisha Armand

English & Film Studies 

Michael O'Driscoll
The Critical Alternative: Music Journalism as a Cultural Archive

Elizabeth Bacon

Environmental Studies

Brent Swallow Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty: A Qualitative Study of Food Deserts in Edmonton

Solomiya (Miya) Draga

Psychology & Sociology

Lisa Strohschein
Review of Policies Established in Canada Aimed at the Control of the Underground Human Trafficking Industry

Jennifer Hallson


John Ives Apachean Origins/Spatial and Lithic Analysis of Ahi Menh, and Archaeological Site in Central Alberta

Lauren Hanon


Glen Griener Harm Reduction and Illicit Substance Abuse: Ethical Perspectives

Lauren Huot

Art & Design

Liz Ingram
Exploring Beauth: A Collaboration with E4C Art Start

Erika Luckert

English & Film Studies

Christine Wiesenthal
Terra Firma: Word Maps from Space to Place

Karey Rodgirs

History & Classics

Margriet Haagsma
Cooking Ware and the RElationship of Food Preparation to Domesticity in Kastro Kallithea's Building 10

Heather Shepherd

Art & Design

Steven Harris The Irrational Machine

Evan Shillabeer


David Gramit and
Michael MacDonald
Mapping Engaged Arts Pedagogy: Developing 21st Centruy Music Education from the "Informal Learning'
Practices of Popular Music DIY Communities

Rebecca Smith-Mandin


Susanne Luhmann
Local Performance: Deconstruction Masculinities in the Edmonton Folk Music Scene    

Kimberly vanderHelm

Art & Design 

Bonnie Sadler Takach Design Interventions and Activations: Communicating Visual Messages to Provoke Public Action about
Elder Care Issues

Michael Vivian

Political Science

Judith Garber
+15 at -30: Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Edmonton's Downtown Pedway System

Timothy Yu

History & Classics

Dominique Clement Hate Speech and Human Rights Law in Alberta

Rumbidzai Zinyemba

Political Science

David Kahane 

Minority Civic Inclusion, Deliberative Democracy, and the Edmonton Citizens' Panel