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Proof Theory: Sequent Calculi and Related Formalisms
Katalin Bimbó (Philosophy)

CRC Press, 2014

Although sequent calculi constitute an important category of proof systems, they are not as well known as axiomatic and natural deduction systems. Addressing this deficiency, Proof Theory: Sequent Calculi and Related Formalisms presents a comprehensive treatment of sequent calculi, including a wide range of variations. It focuses on sequent calculi for various non-classical logics, from intuitionistic logic to relevance logic, linear logic, and modal logic.
Le Federalisme Selon Harper
Edited by Frédéric Boily and Julian Castro-Rea,  (Political Science)
Prologue, 2014

With the participation of twelve experts from across Canada, this book, beyond the purely intellectual interest, is also exploring avenues for solutions or ways to build bridges between Quebec and the federal Conservatives who are at the same time respectful of the parties dialogue.

Re-mapping the Americas  Trends in Region-making
Edited by W. Andy Knight (Political Science), Julián Castro-Rea (Political Science),
and Hamid Ghany
Ashgate, 2014 

The book informs academic as well as non-academic audiences about regional developments in the Americas, in particular those dating back to the last twenty years. Beyond the primary purpose of summarizing the hemisphere’s recent trends, the book also brings clarification in a detailed but easy to understand way about timely issues regarding the institutionalisation, or lack thereof, of the plethora of regional and sub-regional bodies that have emerged in this hemisphere over the past couple of decades.
Women's Words an Anthology
Edited by Shirley A. Serviss and Janice Williamson (English and Film Studies)
University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, 2014

In June 2013, the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension program, Women’s Words, marked twenty years of classes, and in celebration a collection of student and instructor writing was reviewed by an editing team and selected pieces were published in an anthology. The book was launched at the opening reception to Women’s Words 2013 and contributors were invited to read.
Work, Industry, and Canadian Society, 7th Edition
Edited by Harvey J. Krahn (Sociology)
, Karen D. Hughes and Graham S. Lowe
Nelson Canada, 2014

Work, Industry and Canadian Society, Seventh Edition brings to light the social ramifications of work. With a focus on the Canadian workplace, the author team examines how individual, societal, national, and global issues shape this central human activity. In this seventh edition, the text draws upon the growing literature on work and employment, organizations, and management approaches to incorporate recent empirical findings, review new and ongoing theoretical and policy debates, and provide a more international perspective. The authors use their years of experience in research and teaching to compose this comprehensive volume on the past, present and future of work in Canada.