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Alberta Faculties of Arts Collaboratory (AFAC) Created

On April 24-25, 2014 representatives from 5 different postsecondary institutions met at the University of Calgary to discuss possible collaboration to better document, examine and understand the value of the Bachelor of Arts degree in the province. It was a highly productive meeting, especially because of the input we received from two external guests, both successful Arts graduates (from the UofA and the UofC) in the business, non-profit and the government sectors. During our discussions, we focused first of all on the mission of AFAC, which we defined as strengthening our advocacy of and promote Arts educations with hard evidence. AFAC’s first priority will thus be to collect data about Arts graduates, Arts programs, enrolment and Arts degree outcomes. Currently, we lack sufficient data to engage alumni across the province and Canada to know the importance of the degree as well as to acquire feedback into the output of the degree itself. Seeing these challenges, the group agreed to formally establish AFAC as a collaborative unit within the province, to form partnerships with relevant organizations and to look for funding to launch a province-wide study of the BA. Our next step will be to send out a summary of the meeting in Calgary, explain the goals of AFAC and invite Arts Faculties who did not participate to join the group. 

After that, our timeline looks as follows: 

May 2014  Connect AFAC to Campus Alberta, establish partnerships 

August (mid-to-late) 2014  AFAC meeting (Calgary or Edmonton?) 

October 2014  Finalize draft for Partnership Development Grant 

November 15, 2014  Deadline for Partnership Grant 

December, 2014  Start planning for annual AFAC spring meeting 

April, 2015  Annual AFAC meeting. Strategic planning, sharing of state of Arts, new initiatives, research coordination 

Contact APRIL for more information.