Arts in 60 Seconds

Arts in 60 Seconds is a collection of 1 minute videos introducing Faculty of Arts researchers and their work. Click below to see some of our award-winning researchers talk about their research and learn how the Arts makes a difference!

Betty Moulton, Department of Drama
The Human Voice in Society


Keavy Martin, Department of English and Film Studies
Beyond Reconciliation: Indigenous/Settler Relationships after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Andrew Gow, Department of History and Classics
Why I Study Witch-hunting


Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Department of Political Science
Canadian Citizenship Matters

Russell Cobb, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
The Artifice of Authenticity in the Digital Age


Sean Caulfield, Department of Art and Design
Art and Technology

Kevin Haggerty, Department of Sociology
Asymmetry of Surveillance


Jennifer Welchman, Department of Philosophy
Photography and Metaphysics

Geoffrey Rockwell, Department of Philosophy
What is Humanities Computing?


Helen Vallianatos, Department of Anthropology
Making Sense of Everyday Life: Food, Body Size and Behaviour

Todd Smith, Department of Economics
Why Are Stock Prices so Volatile?


Mickey Adolphson, Department of East Asian Studies
Japan's First Economic Miracle

Kisha Supernant, Department of Anthropology
Exploring the Origins of Métis Identity through Archaeology


Scott Smallwood, Department of Music
What is Acoustic Ecology?

Susan L. Smith, Department of History and Classics
Mustard Gas in the Sea Around Us


Andriy Nahachewsky, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Changing Traditions Seen by a Folklorist

Kathleen Weiss, Department of Drama
Making the Invisible Visible


Wendy Hoglund, Department of Psychology
Bullying and Victimization in Context